Specialized in manufacturing of furniture, wooden chairs and sectionals for living rooms



Manufacture of furniture

Living room sets

Трапезария - Мебели СираковDining – Furniture “Sirakov and Co” LTD designs and manufactures a variety of living room furniture models , we can work on client’s idea. The sofas can be angular, sofa, or two-seater sofa, combined with stretching or simple chairs and stools. Mechanisms that work are the best on the market. Thanks to our experience, we will design and produce the optimal variant of living room furniture for your space. Our furniture is not only soft, but handy! We have a wide range of patterns, decorative textiles, colors and skin, are particularly attractive combinations. Damascus Sofa complement continuously, ensuring a wide choice.


The chairs we produce are suitable for dining rooms, kitchens, bars and restaurants. They are comfortable, have an ergonomic design and can add a decorative element to the interior. Here you will find classic chairs, modern chairs that can safely be the focus of the room. Structures may be with or without armrests, with a wide selection of fabrics, textiles, leather, colors and combinations.

Non-standard equipment – Furniture

“Sirakov and Co” LTD pays serious attention to unconventional solutions for kitchens, bedrooms, halls, wardrobes, offices. Non-standard equipment is dictated by the specific conditions of the interior, which is intended . Cleverly can match the standard of custom modules to achieve the interior finish. We advise you and offer you can choose from the best options for functional and aesthetic furnishing.

Our goal is satisfied customers !

That’s why we offer:
1. Consultation on the choice of furniture
2 . Project for furniture
3 . Manufacture of furniture
4 . transport
5 . Installation of furniture

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